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Rediscover Yourself at the Rock Spa® Where Every Little Thing is Gonna Be Alright

Don’t Worry About a Thing

Comfort, rejuvenation, and tranquility are the foundation the Rock Spa® is built on at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Biloxi. From the moment you arrive, our staff of professional therapists treat you to a unique and cleansing experience providing the refreshing escape you need from the troubles and responsibilities experienced by every celebrity. Book your escape today.

A Full Menu of Spa Services:


Enhance and enliven your natural beauty by treating your skin to restorative processes used around the world by industry professionals. There’s no better way to start or finish your day than with a facial at the Rock Spa® at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Biloxi.

Elemental Nature Pure Focus - $60

Invigorate your skin and accentuate its natural beauty with 25 minutes of corrective techniques including exfoliation, face and neck massage, or masque treatment, depending on your needs.

Elemental Nature Facials - $95 (50 Minutes)

Achieve restorative harmony for your skin with a facial designed with your needs in mind, using essential oils, aromatics, and facial techniques for 50 minutes of blissful wellness that stays with you after your treatment.

Elemental Nature Self-Renewal Facials - $145

The Elemental Nature Self-Renewal Facial combines relaxation and skin rejuvenation to create a head-to-toe experience unlike anything you’ve experienced. Featuring a perfect trinity of purification, we treat not only your face, but your scalp and feet as well. During your 80 minute Aveda Facial Massage, you’ll enjoy pressure point targeting to promote lymphatic drainage, as well as Avuryadic techniques to breathe new life into your body and soul.

Gentlemen’s Facial - $95

Deep cleansing followed up with thorough exfoliation in 50 minutes of renewal to reveal the handsome devil in you. The Gentlemen’s Facial will leave you with clear, radiant skin good enough for the red carpet. Featuring an Aveda facial massage and scalp massage, you’re sure to attain relaxation and a release of pent up stress, all while trained professionals apply personalized products and essential oils to help you achieve balanced, healthy skin.

Back Facial - $85

You never look at your back, but it is home to the most surface area of the skin on your body, and the 50 minute Back Facial is designed to help it achieve balance and wellness. With cleansing and exfoliative techniques coupled with hot towel steaming, extractions, and masque therapy, this therapy is ideal for anyone wanting radiant skin, or with skin challenges focused on their backs.

Botanical Resurfacing - $125

Utilizing natural microdermabrasion, our botanical resurfacing therapists customize treatments using the state-of-the-art professional product based on Tourmaline, an energizing mineral key to skin restoration. This invigorating 50 minute facial catalyzes natural processes and enhances the process with refiners and high-touch treatment. We recommend a series of four treatments with a personalized home care system for the very best results.

Outer Peace Facial - $85

Take the fight to acne or the occasional breakout with a dose of Outer Peace. The Outer Peace facial marries high tech ingredients and high touch treatment for a 50 minute treatment designed to make your outer appearance match your inner harmony.

Green Science Anti-Aging Facial - $110 (50 Minutes), $160 (80 Minutes)

If we could put time in a bottle, we’d all live forever. At Rock Spa®, we offer the next best thing. To combat signs of aging, we’ve engineered a regimen of powerful plant-based products, capable of renewing and firming skin while reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The treatment may only takes about an hour, but you’ll look and feel like it took away the years.

Hair Services

Reinvent yourself at the Rock Spa® Aveda Salon, where you can be whoever you imagine yourself to be. Our professional stylists are trained in all techniques to provide you with the most fashionable, functional look to flaunt on the beaches and streets of Biloxi.


  • Men - starting at $30
  • Women - starting at $65 (with Blowout)
  • Child’s Cut - starting at $25


  • Blowout - starting at $40 Up
  • Updos - starting at $65


  • Single Process - starting at $90
  • Double Process - starting at $125
  • Color Correction by consultation
  • Highlights 1/2 Head - starting at $90
  • Highlights Full Head - starting at $135


  • Conditioning - starting at $25
  • Reconstructing - starting at $25
  • Damage Remedy Treatment - starting at $46
  • Aveda Purescriptions™ Treatment - starting at $38
Manicures & Pedicures

Treat your hands and feet to their own rock star lifestyle with customized manicure and pedicure treatments to rejuvenate your nails, cuticles, and skin. Featuring massage and exfoliation, as well as an invigorating masque, the mani and pedi are a quintessential part of any spa experience.

Manicure - $40

Soothing and moisturizing, your manicure includes a buff and shine, cuticle maintenance and polish. Even in a rush, you can spare 25 minutes to stop in for the ultimate manicure experience.

Aveda Spa Manicure - $60

Building on the manicure experience is our Aveda spa manicure, which includes proper nail and cuticle maintenance and grooming as well as personalized massage, exfoliation, and masque. Prepare for 45 of the most enjoyable minutes of your life.

Pedicure - $55

The foot is so often the most overworked and underappreciated part of the body. Show your feet how much you care with a 25 minute Rock Spa® Pedicure, featuring deep exfoliation, moisturizing treatment, footbath soak, followed by therapeutic foot and toenail care. The polish is included.

Aveda Spa Pedicure - $75

Coupling the exquisite joy of a Rock Spa® Pedicure with the exfoliation, masque, and massage unique to our Aveda line, the 50 minute Aveda Spa Pedicure is your answer to how best to spoil yourself. Your feet will thank you.

Make a Change

Make a subtle change to overhaul your image with a 15 minute change of polish for just $15, or a 15 minute French Polish Change for just $20.


Release the pent up tension in your body and in your life with customized therapeutic massage to target your trouble areas and give you a new lease on life. Whatever your troubles, our highly trained specialists will help you to attain the balance and physical harmony your body craves.

Elemental Nature Massage

Tailored to meet your needs, the Elemental Nature Massage is based on the Aveda Elemental Nature philosophy, using classic Aveda aromas to deliver you to paradise as you experience a variety of massage techniques to release the stress hiding in your body.

  • 25 Minutes - $55
  • 50 Minutes - $95
  • 80 Minutes - $145

Deep Tissue Massage

Including all the relaxing features you enjoy with your Elemental Nature Massage, the Deep Tissue massage experience is intended for guests who need deeper targeting, and more focused pressure.

  • 50 Minutes - $110
  • 80 Minutes - $160

Fusion Stone Massage

Trigger your body’s natural processes with opposing sensations from alternating warm and cool stones, as well as essential oils and massage techniques. This total relaxation experience is perfect for those who need to spark a healthy change in their own life or just need to blow off the steam they’ve been carrying around with them. Make your change today.

  • 50 Minutes - $125
  • 80 minutes - $170

Pregnancy Massage

The wonders of pregnancy can bring about a lot of joy and happiness, but as all mothers and expecting mothers know, it also brings on a great deal of physical and emotional stress that wasn’t always there before. If you’re beyond the first trimester and have your physician’s approval, come in and explore the unburdening power of pre-natal and post-natal massage techniques.

  • 50 Minutes - $95

Foot Massage

Luxuriate in 25 minutes of foot relief. The foot massage package fuses essential oils with targeted pressure to unleash the tension hiding in your feet.

  • 25 Minutes - $50

Four Hand Massage

Live out your wildest fantasy, just you, and two highly-trained professional massage therapists alone in a room together, working out your deepest trouble spots. Two specialists work in tandem to heighten the massage experience, packing two hours of relief into one. Does life get much better? Probably not.

  • 50 Minutes - $160

Couples Massage

Grow together with a spa experience to strengthen your bonds and rejuvenate on this journey called life. Utilizing the Aveda Elemental Nature philosophy and inspiring Aveda aromas, the couples massage employs techniques in various combinations to meet the exact needs of you and your partner.

  • 50-80 Minutes - Prices Vary Based on Services

Chakra Balancing Massage

Experience the full spectrum of massage techniques in a process sure to bring your chakras into balance and bestow a full body realignment. Featuring signature Aveda Chakra Balancing Blends, you’ll rise feeling fresh, new, and alive.

  • 80 Minutes - $125
Body Treatments

Experience full body relief and awakening with any of our exclusive body treatments here at the Rock Spa® at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Biloxi. Treat your body and make a change in the way you feel, and think. Remember, your body is you, and you are worth it.

Rosemary Mint Awakening Body Wrap - $120 (50 Minutes)

This stimulating dry wrap nurtures your skin from head to toe after a full body exfoliation and smoothing treatment. Rosemary and peppermint are infused to wake up your sleeping senses, while massage techniques are applied to the scalp and feet to stimulate bodily balance and harmony.

Soothing Body Mask (Herbal Science Remedy) - $135 (75 Minutes)

Harness the power of herbal mud wraps to smooth, hydrate, and soften your skin. Signature Aveda aroma oils invite you into a state of tranquility, while you feel the effects of everyday life wash from your body, and thereby, your mind.

Purifying Body Mask (Sea Science Remedy) - $135 (75 Minutes)

Clear your body of toxins with an intense wrap to help you feel fresher and more energized than you have in years. Combining the therapeutic qualities of signature Aveda essential oils and pressure-point targeting scalp massage, this fully involved experience ends with a full body massage.

Waxing & Hair Removal

Body hair is a part of life, but when you don’t want it to be, you need to trust the caring hands of trained professionals to ensure the greatest comfort and effectiveness at removing it. Here at the Rock Spa®, we use two types of wax, each specialized to work on different types of skin and hair. If you are using any doctor-prescribed skin products or any medications, please be sure to inform your therapist so they may properly identify any possible interactions.

Facial Hair Removal

  • Brow Maintenance, Lip, Chin, Cheeks - $15 (15 Minutes)
  • Men’s Brow Grooming - $15 per Brow (15 Minutes)

Body Hair Removal


  • 1/2 Arm - $35
  • Full Arm - $50
  • Underarm - $35


  • 1/2 Leg - $55
  • 1/2 Leg with Bikini - $75
  • Full Leg - $80
  • Full Leg with Bikini - $100


  • Bikini - $50

Backs & Chests by Consultation Only

Treatment Enhancements

Expand on your journey of wellness and beauty with enhancement packages you can add to your treatments for a more intense process of rejuvenation.

Body Treatment Enhancements

Perfecting Plant Peel – $50 (20 Minutes)

Give your skin the ultimate in deep exfoliation and retexturing with professional plant peel facial masques. With a perfectly balanced 30% glycol formula, you will feel lighter, happier skin without any of the usual redness or irritation associated with peels. By warming your skin, the peel opens pores and releases built up pollutants and bacteria that can cause skin to show signs of age. Also available as an add-on for facials.

Blue Ice Treatment - $25 (15 Minutes)

Treat your nasty sunburn or irritated skin with this Aveda treatment specially designed to cool and sooth the skin. Finished with a comforting warm, moist, aromatic towel, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to chase your dreams.

Eye Treatment - $25 (15 Minutes)

Like a photo retoucher for the real world, this revolutionary eye treatment will reduce puffiness, brighten those dark circles, and diminish the fine lines that might make you feel self-conscious. Look into the mirror or pose for the camera with confidence and pride by enhancing your best feature.

Plant Pure-Fume™ Steam Bath - $40 (25 Minutes)

Let go of stress and embrace relaxation with this detoxifying treatment coupling the healing powers of steam with the aromatic properties of Aveda’s signature oils.

Massage Treatment Enhancements

Stone Enhancement - $25

Add hot stones to your neck and shoulders for stress-seeking warmth and a deeper penetration of the targeted areas.

Hand & Foot Exfoliation - $15

Let the essential oils and mineral scrubs of our hand and foot exfoliation soften and smooth those parts of your body that get the most wear and tear.

Paraffin Alternative Treatment for Hands - $20

This healthy and invigorating wax bath is 100% natural and biodegradable, eco-friendly paraffin. This rich combination of shea butter, coconut oils, palm, soy, jojoba, vitamin E, and essential oils moisturizes and makes skin soft, supple, and younger.


Immerse yourself in the total Rock Spa® program of self-rebuilding, beauty, and wellness with many combinations of our specialized treatments and services. Our packages bundle the rest, relaxation, and reinvigoration you expect from the Rock Spa® into an affordable excursion into personal rewards and embracing a more balanced life.

The “Take It Easy” Package - $275 (3 hours, 45 minutes)

  • Elemental Nature™
  • Massage Elemental Nature™
  • Facial Manicure
  • Aveda Spa Pedicure

The “Start Me Up” Package - $270 (3 Hours)

  • Elemental Nature™ Massage (25 minutes)
  • Rosemary Mint Awakening Body Wrap
  • Elemental Nature™ Facial for Self-Renewal

The “Sharp Dressed Man” Package - $195 (2 Hours, 30 Minutes)

  • Elemental Nature™ Massage (50 minutes)
  • Gentleman’s Facial Manicure 
General Information

Book Your Appointment

The Rock Spa® helps so many people attain their own personal level of refreshment and relaxation, we work very hard backstage to accommodate the needs of our many guests. To help us provide consistent service to all of our guests, we ask that you please reserve your appointment in advance. If you have any special requests or needs, please do be sure to inform your desk agent when you schedule your appointment. All appointments are held with a credit card on file.

On Arrival

Appointment times are set according to the beginning of therapy, so guests are asked to please arrive at least 20 to 30 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment, giving them plenty of time to check in, complete paperwork, change, and get comfortable. Our spa facilities are designed to enhance the tranquility of your stay from the moment you arrive, so show up earlier if you can't wait to slip away to nirvana and take advantage of all that Rock Spa® has to offer. As a courtesy to all guests, late arriving guests’ appointments will still end at the scheduled time.


Let your stress melt away.  Pass through yourself and step through to the aroma steam room, where eucalyptus oils help cleanse the negative vibrations from your body and mind.  Detox in the dry sauna or hot tub located in the men's or women's relaxation lounge.  For even greater stimulation of the senses and purification, step into the cold plunge pool or soak in the hot tub in the co-ed relaxation lounge where your senses are invigorated in a naturally lit environment. Guests of Rock Spa® are free to enjoy the amenities in the fitness room as well as the wet area of the spa.


Dress the part to enhance your comfort and ensure a pleasing experience throughout your stay. Your swimsuit is a must for making the most of our co-ed areas, and we recommend you wear comfortable, casual attire for your pre- and post-treatment. During your treatments, your comfort is the most important thing, so feel free to remain in your undergarments or swimsuit, or disrobe entirely. You will be draped throughout your treatment. Please do not wear jewelry during treatment. Lockers are available for your use, but the Rock Spa® is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Age Requirements

Guests 18 and up may enjoy our spa facilities and to receive massage and body treatments. Individuals between the ages of 16 and 17 may use the gym with parental supervision throughout their workout. Guests under the age of 18 may also enjoy our nail services with the accompaniment of a parent or guardian.


We always want you to express your gratitude to the staff who works diligently to provide you with quality and professional services. Customary gratuities for services range from 15% to 20%.

Gift Cards

You’ve experienced the transformative power of the professionals at the Rock Spa®, so pass the journey along to your friends and loved ones with Gift Cards available for purchase at the front desk.


Even musicians and celebrities have to change their plans from time to time, and we here at the Rock Spa® at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Biloxi understand that you may not always be able to keep your appointment. If you can’t make your appointment, please do notify us at least 4 hours before the scheduled appointment to allow us to reschedule you and keep the appointment time open. Group reservations require 48 hours of prior cancellation to allow us to fill so many vacated appointments. Cancellations after these cut-offs as well as no-shows will be charged 50% of their scheduled service price. 


Enliven your senses and explore your inner and outer beauty with a full range of Aveda hair, skin, and makeup products so you can take the Rock Spa® experience home with you. Find everything you need to make healthy and vibrant skin a part of your everyday life.

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